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Biography _  Hansik Ahn    




Hansik Ahn is an aspiring photographer acting in Seoul, South Korea seeking to make an impression in the professional world of photography. With a concentration in the fields of Landscape, Portraiture and Archival Photographies, Hansik desires to highlight unusual features of ordinary things in our everyday life.

Outside of photography Hansik Ahn is an accomplished businessman who is currently CEO & President of his own Company named SEMS International. In 1972 he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Inha University and in 1989 an MBA from Korea University in International Marketing. Even though photography is not closely related to his main career, his background in engineering is reflective in his photos through his realistic and elaborate work style. Hansik attended Jungang University where he graduated and earned a corresponding degree for his second career, ‘photography’ in the Year 2014.

After the debut of his first photo book named PAJU, Korea_The site of division, in the year 2015,

Hansik Ahn participated in exhibitions like the Seoul Art Fair in 2014.


He has been leading professional photographer’s group named “Bitdam” for Gyeonggi Archive 10-Years  Plan Project.

Started in 2013,< “Bitdam” -The Gyeonggi Archive Photo Study Group> has been annually working on joint photographic archives in certain areas of Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of Korea.

This group selected Siheung to photograph the faces of unfamiliar places observed from individual points of view in this year 2019, following the projects in Hwaseng(2013), Paju(2014), Seongnam(2015), Namyangju(2016), Ansan(2017) and Yeoju-Icheon (2018),


All of the abovementioned archival photographies have been exhibited in the local areas as well as galleries in Seoul and published in the form of archival photo books and the details are as follows:.

  1. Yeoju/icheon - BITDAM Project 2018

  • Published Yeoju/Icheon Archival Photo Book

  • 1st Exhibition -Icheon  Art Hall, Gyeonggi-do,  Rep.of Korea

  • 2nd  Exhibition -Yeojubo Promotional Hall, Gyeonggi-do,  Rep.of Korea


  1. Ansan- BITDAM Project 2017

  • Published Namyangju Archival Photo Book

  • 1st Exhibition -at the outdoor of Danwon Art Gallery in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do,  Rep.of Korea

  • 2nd  Exhibition - Gallery Space 291 in Seoul


  1. Namyangju- BITDAM Project 2016

  • Published Namyangju Archival Photo Book

  • 1st Exhibition - Gallery Space 291 in Seoul

  • 2nd Exhibition- Namyangju  Art Center in Gyeonggi-do,  Rep.of Korea


  1. Seongnam- BITDAM Project 2015

  • Published Seongnam Archival Photo Book

  • 1st Exhibition - Gallery Space 291 in Seoul

  • 2nd Exhibition-Gallery Gonggam in the City Hall of Seongnam, Rep.of Korea


  1. Paju-BITDAM Project 2014

  • Published Paju Archival Photo Book

  • 1st Exhibition -Kyoha Art Center in Paju

  • 2nd Exhibition-Gallery Space 291 in Seoul 

One of the epoch-making events in the year 2018 achieved by him was that he has got the project order worth US$75,000 on behalf of “Bitdam” from the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation.

The gist of this project was to archive particular 1000 things in the area of 31 provincial governments which belong to Gyeonggi -do in the eyes of professional 31 photographers in Celebrating the 1,000th anniversary of the naming of Gyeonggi.

Under the excellent leadership of Hansik Ahn, this project has been started from Jan.2018 with the participation of 1 supervisor, 31 professional photographers, and 7 university professors with the title of renowned professional photographers and has been successfully finished by the Jun. 30, 2018

The final output has been delivered to Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation in the form of digital archiving files and also exhibited at the Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus together with the other works.


With his ambitious personality and eye for detail, Hansik Ahn continues to learn and improve his skills. Just as he grew his own successful businesses with hard work and determination, Hansik Ahn seeks to do the same with his photography and a number of photo book have been published by Hansik Ahn and the details are as follows:

  • THE SCULPTURES_Rebirth through the eyes of a photographer

  • SEA&SEE_ Seascape of Positano, 2018

  • My travel photography- from Chur to Positano, 2019

  • ICELAND _My travel photography, 2019

  • SEA&SEE_ Seascape of Korea, 2018

  • Moscow_ Dawn in Moscow, 2018

  • The STATUS_ Rebirth through the eyes of photography, 2016

  • YEARNING – Biography, 2016

  • WISH, _Throwing the coin over the shoulder, 2016

  • PAJU, Korea_The site of division, 2015


In Jul 2018 Hansik Ahn established his own Gallery named GALLERY SEMS as well as his own studio in the heart of Seoul, Korea.

The purpose of having his own gallery and studio is not for commercial purpose but for profounding and concentrating his own photography works.

Currently, his solo exhibition is carrying on in this GALLERY SEMS with the tile of ‘SEA & SEE’.





Website : http//

e-mail    :

Mobile   : +82-10-8526-1629

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